Angst over America’s election – local, as well as state elections – has been fed by fear. There’s been a considerable amount of bullying to get people to join the fear train. This morning I spent time praying and meditating on the future of our world. Not America. The world. What I focused on is inspiration for how I can do my part. The answer came back to keep sharing love, compassion, and kindness. This has been a repeated message over the last two weeks. It’s a struggle for me. Family and friends have tried to bully me, coerce me into discussing politics and express a stance for a particular candidate. It has taken strength for me to stay calm and honor where they are, but continue to be who I want to be and channel my energies where I can do most good.

The world is generally a fantastic place. We all have had and have areas of our lives where we are misguided. At least I know this picture fits me. But over the decades I’ve fought to keep in touch with the inner me that is of love, honor, and understanding. Does it mean I’m going to let people bully me? Be mean to me or my neighbor? Mmmm, yea, no. (You can’t make me wear an ugly pantsuit OR orange hair. πŸ™‚ )

It’s an intense experience to not give into fear. Fear is a strong part of the human condition. It has such a commanding presence, that to let go of it can create quite a void. That void offers a great opportunity to be filled with love and compassion. Some people reading this will snicker and get all bravado and wonder how would I be if (fill some kind of trauma in here) happened to me. Of course, they are assuming I’ve had a perfect life and haven’t suffered.


I want to see us filled with the courage of spirit to quell fear and try kindness, compassion, and loving on the haters.


We are being asked over and over to be better. With its fires, earthquakes, tormenting winds, and torrential rains, Earth is reminding us of what destruction looks like. What anger does. And after these storms we are given sunlight to remind us that anger is not finite. Each moment, we can choose to do better. Each moment presents a pivotal time to be stronger, to step away from fear. It can be scary to let go of it, but you are strong enough to do it if the will is there. And it is.



Let’s continue to release our fears. Focus on doing good. Step into a space of courage and make choices based on love, kindness, and compassion.