Snowflakes are swirling and falling to the ground to accumulate as a white blanket over all of my immediate outside surroundings. A scenario that is full of illusion.

Each flake falls at will. It swirls dizzily, taking part with nature and yet seemingly at the same time doing as it chooses.  All is well, as each reaches its destination.

We perceive it as quiet within the world of snowflakes. But if you are ever more peaceful, you can listen to the vibration, as they come together to serve their purpose.

The vibration of the falling snowflakes mirrors the vibration of my soul.

I feel oneness with nature’s swirling crystals. Their falling is gentleness on my soul.

There is light without and within. It is all light.

There is acceptance on each snowflake’s part that while each one is individually designed, they are in communion with their mission. Today they fall with delighted, carefree fluffy lightness, as though today their task is filled with joy. As I look outside my window, the backdrop that is the world plays host to their dance and for today gives them the stage.

So it is that as a global community, we are to work toward oneness while honoring all. This mission does not mean we dismiss the uniqueness of each human being any more than the forest dismisses the trees, nor one snowflake dismisses another. Each tree and each snowflake makes room for the other, knowing that together, they will accomplish the shelter of a forest or the protective, blanketing of the earth with freshly laid crystals.

What the trees and snowflakes know is that they have learned to love unconditionally.

Their joy is to share their energy for the good of all. So it is with human beings. We are of nature. It is not that we go out and merely walk through life without purpose, but we walk with life as though we are one with nature’s mission of nurturing, communicating, and networking.

When we recognize that we are of oneness, we gain an understanding of unconditional love.

Loving unconditionally does not mean that we forsake individualism, no more than one snowflake or leaf abandons its individualism.  Just as the trees grow a forest, and snowflakes blanket the earth, unconditional love spreads and builds a community.