My facebook and twitter feed has been seeded with reflections on the Orlando shooting. There have been expressions of anger and hatred; excuses for each side’s justification and judgement; as well as calls for openness and shining love and light on that which threatens our safety and harmony. Moments such as these seem to bring together so many of our emotions. We look for ways to make sense of that which is senseless.  

I challenge us to think of ourselves, collectively, as no different than the shooter when we persist in condemning an entire race, religion, gender or sexual preference. Most of us will not turn to the use of weapons such as guns, knives and bombs, but words hastily written or spoken that call for retaliation, condemnation and judgement, cause damage that festers in minds and can ultimately lead to repeats of heinous acts of violence and at the least harm the inner being of another individual.


Instead, I challenge us all to persevere in following the path of love. I challenge us all to commit random acts of kindness until committing such acts is seamless and a natural part of our being. I challenge us to pray for us to behave better and feel empowered to speak out emphatically that hatred is not who we are. It is not who we are intended to be. We speak of terrorists as radicals, but let us be radical in our own right and refuse the offering of continued hate and instead accept the challenge of spreading kindness, compassion and support for each other in our work to understand each other.


The person who pulled the trigger in the Orlando killings is guilty of a horrible crime. Indeed, there are no words that can express adequately the depth and breadth of horror it represents. We will refer to this shooting spree when calling for stricter gun laws, or in defense of creating barriers against those we see different from ourselves. I believe there is a place for governing policy that aids in protecting. I also believe that it is important for us as a global community to lift the world into a higher vibration. There is a light in each of us that can grow brighter and stronger the more we share that light. That those who have suffered atrocities around the world today and every day, will not suffer in vain, but stand as beacons to remind us to love and that we are greater in that love collectively than each act of terror and hatred. We must remember that hatred against one is intensified against all when we lose sight of the power of love and compassion.


Native American culture calls us to walk softly upon the earth and remember that when we tread, we are treading on future generations. When we tread, we must speak softly and with kindness. Not because we are accepting of man’s inhumanity against man, but because we understand that these acts do not define us. It is not our life purpose, our reason for being. We are to acknowledge ill will and turn it to good, that future generations may live in peace and harmony.


How much better it is to rise above the anger that lies dormant until fed. How much better it is to serve the Light that wishes only for us to light all of our paths and that by doing so will unavoidably light our own. I recognize there are those who will condemn and call out for barriers and aggression in their quest to respond. While I recognize this, I believe this response only serves to sow the seed for more acts of violence. We have numerous examples to frighteningly remind us here, as well as abroad, how powerful these seeds of hatred can be.

Tonight, as every night, I will raise up for healing those who have suffered at the hands of repression, violence and otherwise unhealthy relationships. I ask that Spirit will show us more ways to sow and reap peace and that our hearts will continue to open wider to receive those messages and have the courage to act on them.


We will walk softly upon the earth that future generations will be connected in loving harmony.  


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