Celebrating the Fourth of July in Boothbay Harbor included lobster and blueberry soda!

Our mid-day search for ice cream (which does exist more than a few times in this quaint little seaside resort), had me excitedly discovering Red Cup Coffeehouse. Imbibing in an iced, vanilla latte on this 90F degree day was an absolute must!

Before we left the coffeehouse, I asked the co-owner, Don Campbell, for a lobster roll recommendation. He unequivocally suggested Shannon’s Unshelled, owned by Shannon Schmelzer. My hunger barometer was getting super loud and active, so off we went immediately to find this raved about lobster roll!

Located near the footbridge, Shannon’s Unshelled, 23 Granary Way, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, proved worth the visit to enjoy lobster rolls!

             Photo credit Lillian Lake

Bright red lobster claws are printed on the downhill slope, made finding the location all the easier. And how fun is that to get you in the mood to order lobster! Very fun, I say!

             Photo Credit Lillian Lake

We lucked out to find we wouldn’t have to wait and Shannon’s sunshiny smile to greet us!  

I ask a million questions before ordering any food. Mostly this is because I have to be careful of certain ingredients, but mostly, let’s face it, I’m one of the original “foodies.” I always ask questions.

Shannon patiently and happily answered everything I asked. Her response to my apologies for asking so much was “No, no. I want my customers to be happy. I love telling people about the food we offer.” And once I mentioned where I am from, she said “Oh! My brother went to the University of Maine at Farmington!” And down that rabbit hole, we went and discovered lots more that we had in common. Fun times! Good thing there wasn’t a line!

Shannon delivered our meal to where we were seated near the water at outdoor picnic tables. “Ohhh” and “ahhh” punctuated our enjoyment of chilled, sweet, delicious, large pieces of lobster meat and Shannon’s special recipe of fresh coleslaw (easily one of the very best I’ve ever had!). We selected Blueberry Maine Root soda to complement our meal tastily.

The sights of the harbor and smell of the salty air brought even more depth to an already perfect experience.

             Photo credit Lillian Lake

What about the service?

Shannon and her team cheerily prepared our food and with exceptional accommodation. As we ordered, I asked Shannon about the ingredients she uses. Later, she came out to our table to show us the locally grown, hand-selected tomatoes chosen for our salad and to talk with me about buying local. The lobster comes fresh off the docks. She happily endeavors to accommodate special food needs.

We chose to eat at the provided, clean picnic tables, but “to go” is also available.

Shannon’s lobster rolls are with pure meat – no fillers. If there’s something, you’d like to add, ask. We chose to drizzle butter over ours. 

             Photo credit Shannon’s Unshelled

What says lobster salad better than chilled lobster served on a garden salad with lemon vinaigrette dressing.

             Photo Credit Shannon’s Unshelled

Shannon’s goal is to use all locally produced ingredients, satisfy the customer with great food, and provide a memorable experience! Shannon herself is a true Maine entrepreneur with roots in Wayne, Maine.

AND! If you aren’t in the mood for lobster, I suggest trying the chowder or the ever-dependable grilled cheese sandwich combo. Are you in the mood to go back to childhood? Shannon even serves the classic PB&J.

Should the line happen to be long, (which is likely at peak lunch hour and dinner time – that’s how great this place is!), I assure you, the wait is worth it! 

Just as we were leaving, a “Bride-to-Be” stopped by to make arrangements to come back the next day with her entire wedding party. She and her mom had stopped in earlier for lunch and fell in love with the food. That’s a sure stamp of approval!

Check Shannon’s Unshelled Facebook page for current hours of operation and menu.

Before you leave, have a souvenir photo taken in front of the charming, classic bicycle adorned with its gaily filled flower baskets! 

             Photo credit Lillian Lake