Shatter old beliefs that don’t feel true.


  • Do I know that’s true?

  • How do I know? 

  • Can I apply love to my relationship with this belief?

  • When presenting a belief, how is it received?

Many of our beliefs are generational.

“We learn what we live” is said of beliefs we are taught either with words or actions. Not all beliefs are wrong or inappropriate. But when beliefs come outside a space of loving, then it’s time to rethink that belief.

Sometimes just listening to ourselves speak can sound like an out of tune bell. Hearing what someone else is saying and how that feels when we hear it is a good indicator of whether it is a belief to hang on to.

Replace beliefs based in fear. 

Replace them with those that feel loving toward self and other people. Do they improve the human condition? How can we take a belief and turn it around?

Keep an open mind. 

This is a tough one. It’s one I struggle with. Well, we all think we have an open mind. Active listening, which means saving “fixing” and “answering” until after the other person has stopped speaking, is a good way to practice listening with an open mind.

How often have I thought I knew the answer before I heard the question? Too many times to count. I strive to do better. I want to be a better person, living to my highest good and to the highest good of us all.

Your beliefs are who you are.