Summer feels like it’s finally coming to Maine. We need rain, but I am thoroughly enjoying the perfect breezes combined with sunshine and cloudless skies. Live in the moment, right? Why waste a good day wishing it were something else. Thoughts of summer have me thinking ahead to succulent offerings of fresh fruit. I spent all of May buying and eating as many ripe Champagne mangos as I possibly could. The fleshy fruit is deliciously sweet. mangoes are soon to give way to fresh Maine strawberries! I can hardly wait!

As a bright start to mornings, last summer saw “smoothie bowls” become a popular way of using fresh and frozen fruit. Magazines advertised “Breakfast Smoothie Bowl Recipes” and billed as delicious and quick. Who are they kidding? Fast AND artfully arranged? Instagram and Pinterest boast “smoothie bowl” photo frenzy. I wondered about the excitement and really felt foolish that I didn’t know. So much so that I didn’t look into it because if it was really simple and obvious, I’d feel even more foolish. How could I possibly save face if I even asked the question out loud? It’s said there’s nothing to fear but fear itself, so I finally asked. Well, I actually asked from behind the safety of a laptop screen. Google now knows I caved and popped the question.

Do YOU know what a smoothie bowl is? All of this time I thought it was about the bowl.

I have a dish fetish, so of course, I would peer at the photos and wonder how come I couldn’t see the bowl! Seriously, what’s the point of not being able to see the bowl! I’d flip through magazines and wonder where the bowls were. I have learned smoothie bowls applies to the fact one makes a smoothie, pours it into a bowl, and adorns it with all kinds of pretty flowers, chocolate, nuts, swirls of peanut butter and other such things. It is consumed with a spoon.

I’m super disappointed now to know the truth. The truth is there is no truth to the photos I see bragging about these artful creations. Think pizza where the toppings are artfully arranged, only prettier.

(Photo Credit – – Trang Doan)

I think they would be fabulously fun on a cruise or even in a favorite restaurant. However, you cannot get me to believe anyone would go through all of that trouble every morning to make this involved creation. No way. I believe there are more people who are like me. I whip out the blender; throw some stuff into it that feels (I cook from the heart) like it all goes together; add some ice if the fruit isn’t frozen and turn that sucker on while I go do something else. When I come back, I pour my smoothie into a glass (sans straw, of course) or reusable bottle. Done.

And that’s another thing, how do you eat these bowl things while driving. You see? The whole idea is silly. Am I right?

Here’s a quick recipe for a morning or anytime smoothie with my favorite thickening agents. It fits in a tall glass or if you prefer, pour it into a bowl. Either way, it’s still yumma-luscious. My favorite thickening agents:

  • Oatmeal – this works best if ground first. Use about ¼ cup.
  • Hemp – powder or hearts, use 1 Tbsp. of each or 2 Tbsp. of one.
  • Frozen fruit – Bananas, mangos or avocado make for a creamy version.
  • Chia seeds – Use 1 Tbsp. The downside is you have to wait a minute for it to thicken.
  • Yogurt – My personal favorite, but if you use sweetened, of course, cut back on another sweetener.

To add more nutrition, I add Organic Pea Protein (nutrasumma). Or try adding vegetables such as cucumbers or kale.

Basic Strawberry Hemp Smoothie!

1 cup milk (I use raw milk, but any milk or nut beverage works)

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 Tbs Hemp powder

¼ teas. Cinnamon

¼ teas Tumeric powder or raw, peeled, chopped turmeric

Sweeten if necessary – I prefer maple syrup.

Add all of the ingredients into a blender. I have the best outcome with adding the powder last. Put the lid in place and blend on high until it’s all well-blended.

A word about hemp. No, you won’t get high from hemp. It contains B vitamins, vitamins A, D, and E, as well as calcium and iron. It’s a good source of dietary fiber.

That’s it. It looks beautiful in a clear glass. Add-ins maybe coconut oil, other kinds of fruits or even vegetables, or a “superfood” powder to enhance the nutrient value. Use imagination and inspiration! Enjoy!