I was listening to Collette Baron-Reid one day and she said “our stories get suction-cupped to our face”.

Yes! People who know pieces of our personal story, see us as that story and stop there.Worse, they create stories for us, about us and this becomes our identity. In doing this, they steal our power. We see our identity through the eyes of those with whom we come in contact. Life gives us many messages of who we are. We get those messages from media; the people we are around, what we read – all life experiences.

The truth is we can access our inner self at any time. We can choose the messages we want to hear and live by. If those messages don’t feel like the truth, then don’t listen. Don’t become them. Let the spark within you grow and shine. We all have that inner spark that comes from a Great light. That spark has trouble burning brighter when we are constantly bombarded with messages of guilt about what we’ve done; where we have been. Consciously, or subconsciously, we search those messages out. Don’t search them out! On some level, you know that isn’t all there is to you. Hanging onto those messages creates fear that you can’t be the person you know you are meant to be.

And what about those collections of stories?  Some people never get past the cover. That’s okay. That’s about them, not about you. That’s about where they are on their journey. Don’t be afraid to create new stories. The stories you want to be about you instead of the stories people create for you and about you.

Think of yourself as a place. A place that is full of all things we use to experience life – emotions, brainwaves, heartwaves, seeing and hearing. Take an aerial view. What do you see? Ask yourself, if today you could be anyone, would you be who you are today? If not, who would you be and how would you make that happen?

The power is in each one of us. Don’t let anyone steal that power. Claim it. And claim it again. And again.