Welcome to 31 Days of Self-care

In preparation for today’s 31 days of self-care post, I searched for ways to detox.

Every article that came up first centered on detoxing foods, beverages, and drugs. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t highly recommend it removing those items if they are making us not feel well. And as a food expert, and survivor of a significant health crisis related to food, I can’t emphasize too much how important it is to get your eating habits in order as soon as possible. Like now. Today. But, I’m also here to tell you that if you don’t get the rest of your house in order, you can make as many food style changes as can be invented and they won’t do your body as much good as if you include the detoxing I’m recommending today for optimal self-care!

Our bodies are mobile homes. They go with us where ever we go and in our travels, we hoard chemical and emotional toxins. We are learning every day how we bring along the ancestral baggage of our predecessors.  The choices we make each day will affect our offspring and their offspring, and so on.

Today’s post is of paramount importance, so please be patient with the longer submission! Take it a little at a time. Each suggestion should be considered meaningfully, in ways that work best for our own benefit.

To help me heal my body, my heart, and my mind:

  • I have taken Shamanic workshops.
  • I’ve used Reiki and Angel Therapy.
  • I’ve been a bit of a “spiritual prostitute,” studying various spiritual practices.
  • I’ve listened to oracle card readings that are of high vibration, meaning the messages are positive, engaging, and encourage people to move forward.
  • I meditate daily.
  • I hang out with people who are positive and helpful.

All of these have had an effect on how I view and interact with the world.  On my personal wellness journey, all lead to my understanding that each process has been responsible for detoxing my body of stuff that has cluttered my heart. All lead me to the culmination of today’s detox program.

Here’s the overall lesson –


That’s right! The things this type of detoxing addresses isn’t about blaming ourselves. It’s not about mistakes we’ve made – everything we experience is a lesson to be learned. We are perfect in every way.

Are there things that need healing that we’ve accumulated through our ancestors or during our present life?

Yes! Anger. Fear. Other people’s judgment. Trauma. All of those things from our interaction with the world around us.

SO! With that little message, let’s get started!

  • RELEASE old thought patterns. Turn any negative thought into a positive thought. NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ARE A TRAP!
    • I’m not loveable. I love ME! I am loveable! LOVE YOURSELF ABOVE ALL OTHERS!
    • I’m stupid. I’m good at _____.
    • People would like me if I were… When people judge us, it’s about them, not about you. They see something that they don’t like about themselves. Be who and what you want to be!
    • I’m foolish. I am learning, just like everyone else.
    • I don’t have enough money. I have abundance in many ways. Is not having more money stopping me from being happy, or is there something inside me that prevents me from FEELING happy? I recently remembered something from my childhood that was causing me to feel unhappy about areas of my life. I healed that memory and wiped out a lot of unhappiness.
    •  I’m fat, ugly, too thin, too tall, short… What makes this thought? Is this about your true feelings about yourself, or what society has taught you about yourself? Is telling yourself you are fat (or whatever) a substitute for healing a hurt?
  • REVEAL areas of stress. Write them down. Look at each one and learn how to change the situation. Do you need to talk to your boss? Change jobs? Ask for help with budgeting? You’ll have more energy by focusing on one stress inducer and eliminating it.
  • DON’T set unrealistic goals. It’s not necessary. Manage what you can and understand you did your best.
  • REKINDLE any passion lost through stress.
  • DO NOT allow space for people who no longer serve who you are. If people do not lift you up and appreciate you for who you are they don’t get to play in the same sandbox.
  • LET GO OF CONTROLAllow life movement at its own pace. The other day I was running late due to bad weather (and not leaving earlier enough to accommodate the weather) and instead of freaking out, I kept telling myself, I’m doing the best I can. It will all work out. You know what? The person I was meeting with was also running late. All things happen in their own time.
  • WHICH REMINDS me and before I forget! Allow for miracles. They happen!
  • KEEP LIFE IN BALANCE. Balance doesn’t mean that everything gets the same treatment. Priorities change. Balance essentially says all work and no play makes for ill health.
  • ADDRESS HEALTH NEEDS. Mental health, as well as the rest of our body, has to be healthy for “it all to work.”
  • FEEL DIVINE GUIDANCE and know you have support in all you do. Allow magic!
  • FIND BLESSINGS in everything.
  • LEAVE SPACE for love.
  • EVERY DAYdo something for yourself.

All of the above suggestions, when not addressed positively, have the illusion of power to hold us hostage and make us feel horrible about ourselves. We can allow anything we want in our lives. Mom was right! Make good choices!

Be kind, patient, and love yourself. Detoxing is a lifelong journey. Remember, we’ve got all that stuff stamped on our DNA from our ancestors as well as new things added.