Compassion is the food of the soul.

Certain foods are especially good for nurturing our souls.

In order for this to happen most effectively, we should strive to apply a compassionate approach to all aspects of growing, preparing, and sharing food compassionately, consciously, and graciously.

This is deep thinking for someone who got in close to midnight after meeting with a group of grieving children. This takes place weekly at the Children’s Grieving Center in Portland. I feel privileged to be with compassionate adults who are willing to give of their time to help children. Many of the adults, myself included, have their own life events that need a compassionate approach, and so for us to put those things aside to focus on the needs of these children is to me, all the more special. When all is said and done, this volunteer opportunity is soul food for many of us.

Through this year, I am going to focus on the connection between compassion and food. I will interview eaters and producers to get a better feel of our connection to food.

  • What makes us eat certain foods and not others?
  • What is the food’s emotional content?
  • We say that there are certain foods we will not eat, but when the chips are down (no pun intended), do we adhere to our admonitions?
  • Does a compassionate approach in the food industry (or any industry) make a difference?

Already I can think of compassionate feeling foods!

Morning coffee!

If you know nothing more about me, know my love for fairtrade, sustainably grown coffee. It’s technically a beverage, but so are smoothies, and they’re considered food, right? Coffee is compassion in a mug!

Nut butter! Who doesn’t sigh after not one, but several spoonfuls!

Fresh fruits and veggies! Step away from “flavored” and step into the sensation of real fruit and veggies!

Wine, bourbon, and beer.

All three enhance a variety of recipes or enjoyed as is. New England is rich in the making of all of these beverages and helps make it a foodie destination!

So stay tuned through the coming year. Keep watch of additional features on Together, let’s learn about compassion and compassionate food for the soul!