Welcome to 31 Days of Self-care

I am so glad you are here! Truly!

What a couple of challenging days I’ve had. The upside is I’m proud of myself that I’m learning lessons well that make me stronger in the “I’m not gonna cave” sense, and also that I can be that person and strive for heart-centered solutions! Let me just say right now; the feeling is remarkable and without adequate, positive descriptive words.

So today I thought my post was going in one direction, but I’m being guided to go in a different direction. In planning the gifting of #31daysofselfcare2018, I stayed focused on the planning. I have copious notes and a schedule of posts. Okay, well, today I’m allowing for flexibility and following my heart.


Whoa! That’s a huge word! There’s no better way to nourish yourself than to practice forgiveness.

What does it mean to you? I’ve read numerous blogs and articles about how we should forgive because it’s good for us. And we shouldn’t carry around baggage from journeys with other people that don’t serve us well. As someone who hates schlepping luggage through airports and subways, that vision appeals to me and has been most effective. HOWEVER! It also has always felt self-centered. I mean, sure, I may feel better but doesn’t compassion (mercy + forgiveness) encourage us to “suffer along with the other person”?

Which means not “suffering” literally, but abiding with another in understanding and looking out for them to be healthy through whatever it is on their journey they are facing. Yea, so forgiveness can’t just be about making myself feel better so I can move along and leave someone else in the dust. Nope! Forgiveness includes shining light and love on myself, the people involved, and the situation. 

And then let it go! Let it go! Let it go! 

Choose someone or a circumstance that needs forgiveness and then:

  • Move back to wholeness. Say to yourself “I. love. me.” Say it sincerely, lovingly, and firmly.
  • Now, recognize that we hold our power. We own the power to create wholeness in others, fire, and purpose. Don’t expect others to see it right away; they may not be ready. But you’re ready! Always! The power of our soul is more powerful than can be imagined.
  • Clear your heart chakra. Our heart chakra houses forgiveness. Clearing it opens our heart. Think of opening the heart chakra as a form of prayer.
  • Remember that only love is real.
  • Do what feels right. Negative feelings cloud our action and forgiveness will be undelivered.
  • Expect miracles! Sharing our love and light in a situation can only grow the highest of positive expectations.
  • Know and acknowledge that a valuable lesson is unfolding. We don’t have to see it. Believe it and trust. The lesson will be recognized at the moment or will come through at another time. The lesson may not be for us. It may be for the other person or other people along the journey.