Do you consider November as the charitable giving month?

There’s a November day dedicated to giving, and that day is Giving Tuesday. It is always the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Since its inception in 2012, nonprofits have raised more than $1.9B.

November is the month of showing gratitude, and organizations know that when our hearts are open to being grateful, we are apt to be generous toward those in need.

Charity is not justice but it can invoke acts of righteousness.

This week my purpose is to suggest giving opportunities that deserve our attention and will help people this November and in the coming year. I hope it will spark inspiration wherever you are to do something to help humanity. No effort is ever too small.

“We shall never know all the good a simple smile can do” (Mother Theresa). Giving our time, talent, and monetary donations allow us to smile and give others something to smile about.

First up is Children have my heart. This charity benefits foster children and abused children. The organization sparks interest in sponsoring blankets, pajamas, or filled backpacks all year long by hosting themed contests. For each item you invest, you gain contest entries. All supported items are distributed through to foster care organizations across the country and through And here’s the double bonus: you can donate directly to either of those organizations. Check out all of these for more information about their organizations. Any time you help a child, you shine and make their light shine a bit brighter.

One of my favorites in Maine for helping runaway and homeless children is Through their programs, they work to keep the youth of Maine fed and sheltered. They offer mediation, transitional living programs, educational opportunities, counseling, and other helpful, supportive programs. Teens are often victims of trafficking and abusive situations, yet they usually do not qualify for federal programs to help younger children. We consider teens as grown up and can take care of themselves. We all need each other, no matter our age. This organization is a small step in filling gaps and can always use extra funding. Reach out to them and ask about their specific funding opportunities. Also, look into organizations in your local community.

Safe Horizon is the nation’s number-one victim assistance organization ( It was founded in New York in 1978 to assist witnesses “who had been intimidated or felt too threatened to testify.” Today they are a leader in helping victims of human trafficking and other violence. In addition, they have numerous programs for youth, including outreach centers. More information can be found at

The Foundation for Hope and Grace ( is based in Auburn, Maine, and focuses on the needs of people around the world. From their website – “This story starts with a little girl named Grace and her sisters whose beginning was less than ideal. Their lives began with abandonment in rural Romania at a time when children were stored in rooms until they were old enough to be moved to an orphanage.” The founders adopted the little girls, but tragedy took the life of one of the little girls, Grace, age 9. This tragedy inspired the beginnings of the foundation —-

“We believe that hope is built by people doing acts of justice in an unjust world.”

I do, too.

Which organization comes to mind when thinking or reaching out to help someone in need?

Please share its contact info in the comments. We can all use some added inspiration!