Welcome to 31 Days of Self-care

A few years ago I was hit with a health crisis that left me severely wondering about why, how, where, what, and when.

When you hear the doctor say “she may not come out of surgery, but we’ll do our best,” there’s something about those words.

But there’s something even stronger about those words when you do come out of it. You fill with wonderment. Then, of course, there’s the recovery process. That is where the magic happens. And thus began my wellness journey.

Over the course of the first year, I would find myself frozen in place at awkward times. I might be out for a run. Or I might be in a grocery store. Sometimes those moments would come when I would catch my reflection in a mirror and I would stop and wonder “who is that person?” and why is she here? There were some not good days when this would happen. The eyes looking back at me were blank. Other days I thought “wow! you’re looking great!” Looking back, on the days I had a positive reaction, I wish I had taken a selfie to remind me I’m the same wonderful being every day. Even on the days my eyes tell me otherwise.

During my recovery, I was asked by a friend to write a story for her foundation. This foundation serves to share women’s stories of hope and inspiration. At that time I didn’t consider myself inspiration to even myself, but something in me didn’t want to disappoint myself or my friend, so I honored us both.

I wrote my story.

Nourish yourself. I encourage you to write YOUR story.

This is my friend’s organization –  Say It Forward – Women’s Stories of Empowerment.

I mention my story because writing it served as a reflection, just as much as a mirror. Both serve to remind me of three important truths which are truths about us all.

  • We are loved. 

  • We are worthy.

  • We are powerful.

Don’t wait for a crisis to get your attention.

Today, look in a mirror.

Who do you see? I want us to see us as loved, worthy, and powerful. Every day! Because this is who we are every day, even when our eyes seem to tell us otherwise, our hearts know better. And when we know better, we do better.

Take a selfie or have a friend take a photo when you’re feeling that love and richness of worthiness and power. Look at it especially, when you aren’t feeling on top of the world. I recommend looking at it daily as a constant reminder. 

And on those days when you are feeling the love, worthiness, and power – tell yourself what you need to hear or wish someone would tell you. Repeat it until you believe it.

Recently I spent a day and evening with one of my lovely daughters, and she took this photo of me.

I love it and have it as wallpaper on my phone so that I see it daily. 

When at your reflection who did you see?

Remember – Loved. Worthy. Powerful.