Purveyor of trending searches, Google’s 2018 top ten was all about food.

If you think “local food” was of great interest, you would be mistaken and neither was climate change. Food recalls made a fair showing but not as one of the top 10. Although, within that category, there was one food that did make the cut.

Here’s Google’s 2018 Top Ten Search results:

  • Unicorn cake – Pinterest and Instagram were flooded with whimsical photos as bakers searched for how to create the golden-horned unicorns with the loveliest of long eyelashes and then posted their successes.
  • Romaine lettuce – there were over 270 illnesses connected to romaine and it’s still a problem.
  • CBD gummies – (Cannabidiol) made from a byproduct of hemp alleviate anxiety (in case, I suppose the unicorn cake isn’t available) and other medical conditions
  • Keto – and that’s keto everything (except the unicorn cake which is not keto-friendly) pancakes (4th), cheesecake (5th) cookies (7th), chili (8th), and brownies (9th) were top contenders within this category
  • Necco wafers – this was overall, the sixth most trending google term of the year as the confectioner behind this classic candy announced in April 2018, it was shutting down. This may mean Feb. 14th, 2019 is going to be a sad day for those who love the No. 2 most popular Valentine’s candy. No more “Call me” (maybe), “sweetness, “xoxo”, or you say “hello” and I say “good-bye”.
  • Gochujang sauce – Last year, the popular, spicy, Thailand sauce known as sriracha was well-searched. If Sriracha is your thing, then 10th seated Gochujang sauce, the spicy Korean fermented chili paste may also be your thing.

This list seems to indicate 2018 was a rough year. We searched for ways to escape our anxiety and stress through whimsy, sweetness, and a touch of spice. And if that didn’t work, well, there was CBD.

Let’s hope 2019 is a kinder and gentler year! Happy New Year! May our troubles be few.