Often my colleagues comment on my resiliency, followed by asking how I stay positive and happy in facing challenges and disappointments. At first, it never occurred to me that this was my natural state. Don’t get me wrong; I have my grief moments when I fall into sadness like a freefall into a bottomless cavern. However, I get through these moments because I live a life of joy that helps me get through the bad times. I realize this is not only admirable but also annoying to some people. When my kids were little, they would moan and say, “Mom, do you have to have a song for everything!” Little did they realize at the time that life, with a bit of music, was made more accessible. And when I took care of Betty 24 hours a day for four months, she felt it was her responsibility to trip me up on my quest to be happy. I would never have survived caring for her by myself for four months had I not had a cheerful attitude.

Here are a few reasons why being joyously happy is essential for a life well-lived.

  1. Happiness boosts the immune system.
  2. Happy people tend to live longer without health complications.
  3. Happy people seem to follow an overall lifestyle geared toward staying healthy.
  4. When facing health challenges, they don’t give up as quickly and take them on with strength and determination.
  5. Happy people create happy societies. They’re nicer to be around.
  6. Happy people flourish and recognize happiness as a state of being. Being happy gets them through every day, not just some days.

Why do I endeavor to live a happy and joyous life?

  1. When I am joyous, I tend not to judge or be angry or recover faster from feeling that way.
  2. Living a happy and joyous life is the legacy I wish to leave.
  3. Joyous happiness strengthens my consciousness – the energy I am imparting to others.
  4. I see the good, even in disappointments, and can channel my energy into doing good things.
  5. Being happy and joyous gives me pleasure. When I’m unhappy, I remember how the alternative feels, which helps me find my way back.
  6. Being happy takes effort, but accomplishment is feeling good and wanting to make others feel good.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” (Aristotle)

If you don’t feel happy, examine why that is. Sometimes it’s something we didn’t realize was related. Finding what it is will help to heal. Research until finding what resonates, then do that. It isn’t easy. I cried for many days in anger before realizing how I feel is up to me. Hang out with happy people who feel right. Stop worrying about what others think. Know that happiness doesn’t depend on outside influences. To blossom, joyous delight has to come from within us.