Welcome to 31 Days of Self-care


Today our self-care wellness journey post relates to physics.

“Magnetism is one aspect of the combined electromagnetic force. It refers to the physical phenomena arising from the force caused by magnets, objects that attract or repel other objects…The motion of electrically charged particles gives rise to magnetism.”

In short, “magnetism” refers to a phenomenon in which there is a natural affinity for one object of affection toward another. 

Or not.

We also have the idea of “animal magnetism”. For some reason, I envision a lion roaring! I’m sure Dr. Freud would have something to say about that! The term comes from the findings of Dr. Franz Mesmer. He never received scientific recognition for his idea, but he believed that animals (people, too) possess a magnetic fluid that could be activated and create physical changes. During his time, it was coined “mesmerism”, although, today we term it “magnetism”. Until the mid-1900’s the idea garnered interest, but with the influence of Andrew Carnegie and his buddy John D. Rockefeller promoting Western Medicine in place of natural healing, the practice lost favor. Currently, there’s a revival of “magnetism”, energy healing by holistic healers.

I think that “love” can flow as a magnetic source through the water in our body. I’m in no way a scientist, but I know when I think of being cold, I feel that thought as every part of me being chilled, as in “chilled to the bone”. If water makes up most of our body, then that would make sense. The heat or lack of heat sensation is something we relate to emotionally. So when we think of warmth, we have loving, kind thoughts, but when we think of cold, we turn inward and think of nothing but fulfilling our own needs. Scary thoughts are said to have a “chilling” effect. Taking that a little further, when we get a shower or submerged in water, it can have the effect of relaxing us to the point of taking our thoughts “elsewhere”. We become comforted and feel secure.

We might call this process “free association” or as in Shamanic practice – journeying. In the akashic records this is experienced as healing and protection through accessing life records energetically. Nano-technology calls a strongly magnetized fluid (usually water or organic solvent) ferrofluid. Scientists are studying how telepathy works. How can a person in the United States know the energy of another in France or elsewhere without being with that person?

So this idea of love as a magnetic field flowing through us is not that far from similar ideas regarding human magnetism. Perhaps, this is what is happening when we speak of being heart-centered and why the more we connect with our heart, the more loving we become. This magnetic fluid is activated to the point that it governs our reactions to other people and repels or draws people to us.

All of these considerations support the claims that when we love who we are we attract other people who love who we are. When we don’t love ourselves, we repel people. Somehow, we sense these feelings even when we don’t clearly know a person. Perhaps, it also explains why “opposites attract” at the same time we consider “like attracts like”. We are messaging people to come closer or stay away through the interpretation of how this is expressed through words or body language. That’s all there is to it.

Be who you are. Love yourself first and you will attract others who love you back.