Spring is finally making its appearance in the Western Mountains of Maine. As the temperatures warm, ice melts; brooks become impetuous and impatient; roads and trails take on the weight of new adventurers seeking connection with self and sun.

A couple of days ago I ventured on a brisk walk. The sun was definitely glorious and the rays gave me warmth inside and out. Frequently, I turned my face to the sky as though doing so would allow me to absorb even more warmth and further penetrate my being.

There’s a spot I like to visit which, depending on how far I go a particular day is about half way into my journey. I like to sit on the rock wall and meditate for a few minutes. Sometimes I’ll bring along an offering for the trees and scattering squirrels. It’s a spot that brings peace.

Tree Feet

Tree Feet

This particular day the roads were wet with newly fallen rain. This combined with the melting snow on the rock wall, made for a bit of a slick trick sitting down and then when venturing forth when I was ready to get back on my route.

Normally I end with “Thank you for your loving light surrounding me”. This time, however, I ended with “Thank you for surrounding me with light of protection and always being here to support me and keep me upright.”

As I stepped up and over the wall, I lost my footing on a piece of ice. Of course, trying to gain purchase on the wet rocks was of no help. Available twigs offered a bit of stability. In those few seconds my fear that I would be severely injured as I capitulated into the crusty snow and rocks took their place in my mind. I tipped back and forth, wildly slipping.

Miraculously, I stayed upright. I stood on solid ground, stamped the snow off my feet, and took stock of my situation. I had barely garnered a scratch on my ankle and a small glance to my shin. My angels had kept me “upright” and I immediately gave thanks.

Not all of our prayers are answered so quickly.

True enough, we often don’t foresee needs for which to be grateful. I have taken the course of expressing gratitude before I need. Was it a joining of angels and the energy of the trees and rocks that kept me upright? Were the trees returning favor of having brought them tokens of previous gratitude? There are those who doubt such things, but I am not of that clan.

Being grateful:

What I know is to express gratitude before you have the need. Namaste.