Welcome to 31 Days of Self-care

This morning was one rough morning.

It followed a rough day that was yesterday. It’s really hard to deal with a series of problems that you can’t control, especially when the outcomes are tied to decisions that other people are making. It’s really hard to control anger and frustration. I struggle with this, but I know I’m getting there because I can feel myself pulling back when these feelings set in. Today I have mostly championed.

We all have these days.

For some of us, they are rare.

For some of us, they seem like a daily menu.

Yet another benefit on this wellness journey of working on self-care and securing a strong foundation is that it allows for better handling of these situations.

Feeling angry is okay, but it has to be managed effectively. As human beings, it is natural for us to have emotions and express them, but with this comes the responsibility of managing them to our best benefit.

Today on facebook I posted “I love that my heart can tell my head to be quiet.” I felt like a winner in the winner’s circle! The feeling was my reward for working with sage to clear my negative energy and the energy around me. Then I took some time to meditate to help me figure out how to work through my difficulties. I didn’t have my usual productive day, but I didn’t give up, either. While I still want to be upset and angry, I’m instead voicing my concerns and trying to find solutions. I deserve to treat myself well.

Be still.

Focus on self-love. 

The heart can quiet the mind. To achieve this takes a great deal of practice. It has taken me years to learn and I’m still learning. Once achieved, it allows for our souls to speak. It allows space for prayer. There are indications the body can be healed by quieting the mind.

The mind cannot know what the heart knows abundantly. There are videos on youtube and google searches that help teach this skill. Keep looking until there’s a good fit. Check locally with Reiki masters, faith-based organizations, and yoga instructors. There are even apps.

However, the mind needs reassurance. It works hard to protect us. Reassurance lets the mind know that its efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. This is why I said in a previous post that I tell my mind “thank you” in times when it is trying to intercede. It’s not that thinking things through is bad, but we all have been in the position where we allow fear and panic to override our ability to what is in our best interest, holding us hostage.

Relaxing the mind is a skill that takes time to learn and even at that it takes slowly our breathing. Closing out surrounding noise. Creating intention. We manifest love this way and Divine inspiration. It’s an initiation process for the best outcomes. When we remember to free our minds and allow our hearts to lead we are opening to possibilities.

It all comes from the business of the heart, created through our willingness to be still.

  • Be still. We deserve time to not have to be responsive or responsible to others. Appreciate the time you have.
  • Cultivate patience. Focus on your love for yourself. Awaken to your daydreams. Where do you want to go?
  • Feel positive. Take note how this feels so you can go to that feeling when times are challenging.
  • Understand feelings. It’s okay to feel anger and unhappiness. It’s okay to be uncomfortable. Explore these feelings and manage them so they don’t manage you.
  • Do what you can.Trust! Let go and allow peace to win.
  • Release all experiences that perpetuate distrust. 
  • Eat well. Make healthy food choices a priority. Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

Add things that feel right to you. I took a walk this morning because nature walks clear my head and my body breathes in clear air. Naps. Reading. Knitting. Journaling. These are all things that can quiet the mind. And don’t forget to reach out and around for support.